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HALIAS Technologies supports leading oil & gas industry service provider Axens in achieving operational excellence

Axens, a leading provider of services and solutions to the oil & gas industry, recently turned to HALIAS Technologies to help build its new Connect’In™ process performance monitoring and management platform. The platform will position Axens to bring its highly-demanding customers on the oil & gas market new digital services to support digital transformation and operational excellence.


Axens has been integrating HALIAS Technologies software components into its solutions since HALIAS was founded in 2006, so it was natural for Axens to turn to HALIAS for the new Connect’In™ platform. HALIAS integrated its best-in-class software solutions hMonitor (for remote access to monitoring data) and hEnsure (for computation software verification and testing) into Connect’In™ and developed and integrated custom data collection and data analysis software for the new platform. HALIAS Technologies brings Axens in-depth knowledge of data processing and real-time platform development and a strong track record developing and integrating software for the oil & gas industry.


The Connect’In™ platform replaces laborious and error-prone Excel spreadsheets with powerful data collection and processing capabilities and dashboards, enabling users to monitor and improve the performance of processes licensed by Axens in real time. The data, collected at the source, is sent to Axens servers, where it is processed using Axens proprietary advanced simulation models. Users simply log on to the platform to view their performance management dashboards, which include unit-to-unit benchmarking and personalized recommendations for performance improvements.


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