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Hoomano will be on SLUSH Tokyo to develop partnerships with interactive devices manufacturers

On 22nd-23rd February, Hoomano will be attending SLUSH Tokyo, the tech-oriented conference will gather more than 6000 attendees (startups, investors, media...).

Hoomano will be showing its solutions on the "La French Tech" pavilion, with the will to develop partnerships with social robots or interactive devices manufacturers.


European leader in apps developement on Pepper robots, Hoomano also develops an engagement-detection technology on all types of interactive devices and wishes to affirm its technology provider position by associating with industrial partners.


The Lyon/Tokyo based startup, wants to collaborate with manufacturers in order to create compatible solutions for different use-cases on their adressed verticals.
Multiplying collaboration opportunities will allow a new acceptance format towards a device or a robot anywhere the user is, and so make his everyday life easier, at home, at the office, or even in his car.


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