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Even before its creation, Hprobe delivered its first product to a major European mixed research/industrial laboratory. The growing interest of major players of the microelectronic industry on MRAM technology, as a replacement technology for embedded memory of system on chip (SoC), is a great opportunity for the startup to widely commercialize its products. MRAM needs low electrical energy to work and it is compatible with the power consumption requirements of the internet of things. A market driven by several tens of billion wireless units to be deployed in 2020.


"The wafer testing stage of MRAM devices is a critical bottleneck for industrial players investing in the mass production of this new generation of memories. Our equipment has the advantage of doing very fast measurements of magnetic devices. It enables the control of manufacturing performances at several stages of the production process and brings real cost and time benefits" said Laurent Lebrun, CEO and founder of the company.


Hprobe has spin-off a unique technology of 3D magnetic generator formerly developed by Spintec, a research laboratory (mixed unit of CNRS,  CEA and Grenoble Alpes University) founded and led for many years by Jean-Pierre Nozières, also founder of the growing startup.

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