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Kalray Announces the Release of its Third-Generation MPPA® Processor “Coolidge”

The third-generation MPPA® Coolidge processor will target embedded applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the automotive market for self-driving vehicles


Kalray, an industry leader in manycore technology, is proud to announce that it will launch the third-generation of its high performance MPPA® processor: the MPPA®3 Coolidge. With the success of its second-generation MPPA®2-256 Bostan processor, selected by numerous automotive and aeronautic OEMs and Tier1's, Kalray has taken its unique manycore technology to the next level in terms of performance.

The third-generation of the MPPA® will be available for critical embedded applications, like autonomous vehicles, aeronautics, medical devices, robotics and drones. The chip will bring unique data fusion capabilities and will be especially efficient for compute-heavy processing, like deep learning and computer vision.


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