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KEOLABS : IoTize™ Wins SESAME Award for IoT Innovation !

Trustech annual awards recognize IoTize for innovation in trusted IoT technologies.​


Today at the Trustech exhibition for secure technologies, KEOLABS’ IoTize™ won the event’s SESAME Award in the category Internet of Things (IoT). IoTize is KEOLABS’ patented turn-key connectivity solution that allows companies to add RF interfaces such as NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to their products without redesigning their product’s firmware.



IoTize leverages on-chip debugging/programming resources to allow retrofit of existing product designs for the IoT in just days. The solution also renders the connectivity channel (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) transparent to a product’s embedded firmware. This means evolving connectivity from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, for example, is as easy as connecting a new IoTize module to the product.


In 2016, KEOLABS introduced the first IoTize modules featuring NFC and Bluetooth connectivity with software-based local security for management of user profiles, access control and data encryption. IoTize is also a R&D collaborative research project lead by KEOLABS with the participation of STMicroelectronics, Gemalto, the Laboratoire Informatique de Grenoble (LIG) and the ISEN engineering school of Toulon. The project will culminate in 2018 with the addition of a complete, scalable infrastructure for cloud-to-core security. The IoTize project is endorsed by the French innovation clusters -- Pole SCS and Minalogic, and benefits from national and regional funding.


The SESAMES are annual awards organized as part of the Trustech trade show to showcase innovations in  trust-based technologies in six categories; eGovernment, eTransactions, Manufacturing & Tests, IoT, Cybersecurity and Retail. The awards are attributed by an international panel of technology experts and were presented during the Trustech event in Cannes, France from November 29th to December 1st 2016.


IoTize NFC / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules are featured on KEOLABS’ stand Riviera J 045.



About KEOLABS IoTize™

KEOLABS is a leading provider of tools and services for testing microcontroller and secure component implementation.


IoTize™ ( is KEOLABS’ connectivity solution and accelerator for the Internet of Things (IoT) for products with embedded processors and microcontrollers. IoTize™ is designed to bring secure smartphone connectivity to products without requiring modification of their legacy hardware or software. By reducing the technical hurdles and risks associated with IoT implementation, IoTize™ shortens time-to-market of IoT enabled products so that companies can rapidly benefit from this new technology revolution.


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