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LACROIX Electronics concludes a partnership with Sigfox to accelerate the industrial-scale production of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Nantes, 16 February 2017: LACROIX Electronics and Sigfox have made their technical and commercial partnership relating to connected and smart products official.


A partnership dedicated to IoT

The global Internet of Things (IoT) market has been experiencing exponential growth. New prospects and opportunities are emerging in a variety of sectors and demand will only increase in the coming years. There could be as many as 25 billion connected objects between now and 2020! 

"In an increasingly connected world, market demands are pushing our customers to find innovative solutions to develop new opportunities" explains Stéphane Klajzyngier, Managing Director of LACROIX Electronics. "Our ambition is to design solutions with our ecosystem that respond to the challenges of Smart Industry"

The respective core businesses of LACROIX Electronics, an electronics design and manufacturing subcontractor, and Sigfox, a global supplier of communication networks, are conducive to creating synergies between the two entities for IoT-dedicated industrial products.


Sigfox has built a unique network offering cost-effective, energy efficient global connectivity comprised of connected sensors, objects and devices. Thanks to Sigfox, all objects could connect to the cloud at ultra low cost using surrounding sources of energy.



LACROIX Electronics develops electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies on an industrial scale, mass producing them in its factories. For several years, LACROIX Electronics has been developing extensive expertise in the area of radio technology and Sigfox constitutes yet another technological addition to its arsenal of services for the industrial scale production of products requiring long range connectivity.

This partnership will enable LACROIX Electronics to develop smart connected products using the Sigfox network, now present in 31 countries. "This collaboration also confirms our strategy of using reliable partnerships to build customised IoT solutions that cater to the needs of our customers," explains Stéphane Gendrot, LACROIX Electronics VP Business Development.



Partnership programme: a working dynamic 

As part of its global strategy, LACROIX Electronics has brought together leading experts in various fields who enable it to offer innovative customised solutions to end customers while improving competitiveness and time to market. This partnership programme also enables technical expertise to be pooled and all-inclusive electronic solutions to be proposed. 

The strength of this network lies in the synergy between the expertise, ensuring an optimal high added value technical solution that caters to customer requirements with a comprehensive "end-to-end" offering, from design through to manufacture of finished products.


Sigfox is joining a well-established ecosystem built around the collaborative development of electronics solutions.


"Having Lacroix Electronics in the Sigfox ecosystem assures Sigfox solutions partners of very rapid development and production of Sigfox ReadyTM devices, simplifying and accelerating use of the Internet of Things, by providing fast time to market, reduced cost of connected devices and, in time, mass production of IoT solutions" said Patrick Cason, Sigfox Sales Director France.



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