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Powerful flash devices for traffic speed enforcement

Lyon, May 2016 : Phoxene announces the availability of a new range of flash devices dedicated to speed and red light enforcement. This new range is built up upon Phoxene’s existing models - already recognized for their high power, beam concentration and sequences capability - with an improved design featuring connectivity and modularity.


The new Fx flash devices feature a RS232 interface to allow a full operability by a traffic enforcement system. They comply with EN60065, EN61000-6-2, and EN61000-6-3 international standards. Moreover, to make system integrators able to easily cover a wide variety of enforcement scenario, the Fx flash devices come with a selection of options: light intensity levels, beam angles, light color, energy adjustment, repetition/sequences.


Fx-1 and Fx-2 are now available in volume production and products datasheet are accessible on the Phoxene website /flashes-for-traffic-control-fx-range



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