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PSI signs an exclusive supply agreement of ALPAO’s deformable mirrors for retinal imagers

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), provider of new retinal imager for non-invasive medical diagnostics, will purchase deformable mirror (DM) exclusively from ALPAO, designer and manufacturer of adaptive optics products.


Adaptive Optics (AO), increasingly used for retina imaging, enables doctors and researchers to observe and analyze the smallest details of the retina, such as rods and cones. Those details can now be seen by correcting imperfection of every eyes thanks to a DM. The DM technology will automatically adjust and change its shape to compensate the optical aberration. The result is unprecedented resolution and revolutionizing retina imaging. It’s a great step for medical diagnostics for many pathology including ophthalmology pathology but also cardiovascular and neurologic pathology.


PSI introduces a new compact, multi-modal, high-resolution, AO, and retinal imager. This powerful imaging platform is designed for fast, cone-photoreceptor density mapping and precise imaging of other retinal structures (e.g., Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer, retinal vessels and capillaries, etc.). The instrument combines the resolving power of AO with PSI’s line-scanning ophthalmoscope (LSO) technology in a foot-print suitable for clinical operation. It is equipped with an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) channel, which provides a complementary cross-sectional retinal image. 


“The agreement signed between PSI and ALPAO aims at procuring to PSI deformable mirror for every retinal imager produced. It enables PSI to strengthen its retinal imager using the most leading brand of deformable mirror for ophthalmology and vision science application”, said Nick Iftimia, the leader of the biomedical optics technologies area at PSI.


“ALPAO deformable mirrors allows to recover an excellent image quality thanks to its large stroke and excellent optical quality. We are very proud of being selected by PSI as exclusive supplier. This is reinforcing our strong links with industrial application and reinforce our position of leader in this specific market.” said Vincent Hardy, General Manager of ALPAO. 


“ALPAO realizes its turnover with almost 50% from medical applications (vision science, microscopy). This industrial agreement will develop the availability of this technology to healthcare professionals, allowing the diagnosis of many pathologies, ocular, neurological or cardiac, thanks to a simple image of the retina.” said Vincent Tempelaere, CEO of ALPAO.


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