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Real-Time, Intelligent, Deep Learning Autonomous Drones Launched by Squadrone System, Neurala and NVIDIA

An intelligent deep learning drone for real-time data collection and data analytics for logistics, site exploration and surveillance was demonstrated at the GPU Technology Conference in Europe today by Squadrone System, a pioneer in autonomous drones; Neurala, a leader in deep learning and neural network software for robots and drones; and NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing.


The Neurala, Squadrone System and NVIDIA indoor demonstration featured an autonomous flying drone scanning items in bins and recognizing misplaced items. In the real-world, warehouse managers would be alerted when a product runs out or is incorrectly stocked, which reduces the labor intensive process of checking inventory around storage warehouses. While this activity would normally take half a day, it now only takes minutes with this drone.


These three companies are collaborating to disrupt the commercial drone market, estimated to reach $10 billion by 2020, with the real-time collection and analysis of information by an autonomous drone that dramatically accelerates flows by up to ten times. Today’s drones collect massive amounts of data during flights whether it’s over bins, quarries or large fields. Usually that data is post-processed to only retain relevant information. This not only delays responsiveness, but information can become obsolete because the data changes by the time it’s processed.


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