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RESOLUTION Spectra Systems introduces LW-10, New Compact High-Resolution Laser Wavelength Meter

Grenoble, FRANCE, May 12, 2016 - RESOLUTION Spectra Systems announces the worldwide release of LW-10: an innovative, very compact, high-resolution Laser Wavelength Meter for CW and pulsed lasers.


LW-10 offers a very robust calibration over time with 20 MHz resolution and 200 MHz absolute accuracy, multiple software interface capabilities, within a very compact package.

LW-10 benefits from the advantages of SWIFTSTM Technology. Optional calibration as laser spectrum analyzer is available with a spectral resolution up to 3 GHz.


This instrument is the perfect tool for applications in the visible and near infrared range (700-1000 nm) such as:

  • tunable laser monitoring: CW Ti:Sa laser, External Cavity Diode Laser (ECDL), OPO
  • laser stability control
  • frequency locking: atom cooling, atom trapping, spectroscopy applications


RESOLUTION Spectra Systems will present LW-10 at CLEO 2016, USA, June 7-9, booth #1329


For more information on LW-10, please visit:


RESOLUTION Spectra Systems
Grenoble, FRANCE

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