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Revolutionise asset productivity to reinvent all your investments

Digitalise your real estate with the best BIM CENTRIC approach.

The digital revolution, from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, accelerates its technological race. Yet Real Estate and Construction sectors remain the weaker link of digital technology. Builders still disorderly managing site tasks in accordance to budgets. Owners does not have all the control of their operating costs. The condition of developer’s housing stock and the technical documentation of the buildings is dispersed to the stakeholders. Technical documentations, status and condition of the assets remain in a mist of cloud for owner developers.
Resolving™ embarks on these challenges by proposing our own and unique BIM CENTRIC approach as the key technological platform in breakthrough innovation.

From a dedicated mobile application and a simple web browser, goodBIM™ collaborative platform connects all stakeholders to a digital clone of all the works.
Based on virtual dynamic simulation of the building, the management of the construction is updated in real time. From number of excavators in the construction phase to the number of switch clicks during operation, via the digitised final implementation documents, the platform concentrates on all project information. Complete MRI of the works, goodBIM™ solution manages the entire lifecycle of an asset from its design to its operation, further on to demolishing and rebuilt.

All the operational processes are shared on a single control interface, a fool-proof decision-making tool.
• Managers control their projects, manage deadlines and their execution costs from this single digital base.
• All users of the project save valuable time from many tasks being automated. Focusing and concentrating only on the essentials, they evolve towards greater autonomy, empowerment and mobility.
• From the design stage, project control and quality are reinforced through reliable exchange of information and continuous analysis of progress.
• Meet the need for transparency, the digitised implementation documentation of the works (documents and technical data sheets) are available at all times.
• Operational costs are reduced by real-time analysis of the energy consumed by the building, and occupants are alerted to how they are used.
• In this productivity research, the maintenance of the buildings is carried out by direct or predictive monitoring.
Investors, owners and operators, everybody wins.

Combining a solid experience in information technology and construction for more than 10 years, the BIM CENTRIC approach is the result of an important R&D and a unique know-how.
This breakthrough innovation adapts to any type of environment, depending on the needs of its users.

Resolving ™ has recently partnered with:
• PROLOGIS, world leader in logistics, recently launched the first "intelligent" logistics platform. Entirely linked to goodBIM™ platform by connected objects, the operators follow in real time on energy consumption of the buildings and maintenance of the equipment.
• SUEZ RV developed in collaboration with Resolving ™, the Resource Information Modeling (RIM), the first resource modeling tool to participate in the qualitative deconstruction of infrastructures, in a circular economy approach.
These partnerships are enriching those already established for many years, notably with Bouygues Construction and Vinci Construction.

Resolving ™, leader in PropTech and BuildTech, is your digital accelerator for the Real Estate and Construction trades.

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