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STMicroelectronics Enters the CAC40 Paris Stock Index

The Euronext Scientific Board on Indices announced on September 7, 2017 its decision to include STMicroelectronics (“ST”) in the CAC 40 index, the primary index of the Paris stock exchange, where the Company is listed. This decision will take effect after the closing of the Paris Stock Exchange on September 15, 2017. 


Carlo Ferro, Chief Financial Officer and President, Finance, Legal, Infrastructure and Services of ST, declared, “ST’s fundamentals have markedly improved after a deep transformation over the recent years, with accelerated growth in 2017 and a sustainable expansion of profit and return on investment. The inclusion of ST in the CAC40 index reflects the positive evolution of ST’s stock with regard to market capitalization and trading volumes on the Paris Stock Exchange, as a consequence of the strength and sustainability of the equity story.”


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