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ULIS and Schneider Electric unveil new Advanced Occupancy Sensors at IBS 2016

Prototype displays advanced functions for improving energy efficiency
and space management at optimized costs in buildings; and concludes
European MIRTIC (Micro Retina Thermal Infrared Cognitive) project


The Advanced Occupancy Sensor module is showcased at Intelligent
Buildings Systems (IBS) in Paris, November 8 - 9, at ULIS booth #D24



ULIS, a manufacturer of innovative thermal sensors, and Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, are showcasing, for the first time in Europe, the new MIRTIC Advanced Occupancy Sensor (AOS). Designed for the counting of people, the AOS enables services companies and users to gain a greater understanding of occupancy levels and usage to optimize operational costs and occupant services in new or existing buildings.


Advanced sensors are seen as critical in enabling facilities to meet tightening government regulations on energy efficiency and to drastically cut building management costs. The smart buildings market for advanced sensors is projected to reach almost $3.7 billion by 2020 (Navigant Research, March 2014).


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