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ULIS celebrates a 15-year 20% annual growth rate in thermal image sensors

Company will double R&D spending to target growth opportunities in consumer markets and outpace new entrants in thermal detection



Veurey-Voroize, near Grenoble, France, June 12, 2017 – ULIS, a manufacturer of innovative thermal sensors, today announces the company will again significantly increase its R&D spending for 2017 to reach €15M ($16.8M). This investment marks the company’s strong growth and market leadership progression over the last 15 years. ULIS generated €61.5M ($69.3M) in sales in 2016, a rise of nearly 30% compared to 2015.


Buoyed by the spurt in additional growth and market changes, ULIS’ new level of R&D investment will represent 20% of its annual sales. Previously, the company pledged 10% of its annual revenue to R&D. It aims to further simplify access to thermal imaging within growing smart building, automotive and consumer electronics markets by making the key component – the thermal sensor – more compact, more affordable, easier to integrate and available in mass volumes.


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