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Vision Systems, tier one supplier, confirms its position as an Architect of Innovations being among the 4 finalists for The Best Achievement in Technology award, recognizing APEX vendors who have improved the industry with an innovative, sustainable and passenger-benefiting technology.

Vision Systems entered the competition with its latest innovation in the Electronically Dimmable Windows range, a touchless-controlled dimmable window, Nuance Touchless. Based on SPD technology (Suspended Particle Device), Vision Systems' EDWs are instantly and gradually dimmable from clear to dark to reduce light, glare and heat entering the aircraft. They provide the passengers with higher visual and thermal comfort, protecting them from the sun while preserving the view. They offer a sleek, elegant design and convey a peaceful atmosphere, enhancing passenger experience and increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Vision Systems' EDWs can be controlled from a touch panel directly on the window, a centralized control panel, a wireless tablet or automatically with integrated light sensors.

The main characteristic of Nuance Touchless is that it is dimmable just by approaching one's hand near the window. By moving their hand upward or downward, the passenger can adjust the position of the solar protection, exactly like a Venetian shade, and by moving their hand sideward, one can set the desired level of opacity. The aim, within a couple of years, is to give the possibility to the passenger who is seated in the aisle to control the window from their seat without disturbing the passenger at the window seat.

This new solution is the world’s first dimmable aircraft window controlled without any contact between the finger and the window. On the solution featured at APEX Expo, the visitors can set strips from the clear to the dark position, one after the other and from the top down like a Venetian blind, and set each strip at the desired level of opacity.

"With this place of finalist, Vision Systems continues to gain recognition as a world pioneer in solar protection solutions remaining at the forefront of innovation and offering ready-to-install systems meeting tomorrow's challenges." stated Jérôme Monvaillier, Managing Director of Vision Systems Aeronautics.



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