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VISION SYSTEMS unveils second generation of electronically dimmable window and lastest smart interactive window

Following the establishment of Smart Lite, a new division devoted to the design, production and commercialization of electronically dimmable solutions last September, Vision Systems is proud to disclose its latest innovations at AIX 2017: Nuance V2, the new generation of Electronically Dimmable Window (EDW), and Acti-Vision Window, the smart interactive window shortlisted at the Crystal Cabin Award under the name of Smart-Info Window.



Vision Systems' electronically dimmable solutions allow passengers to tune the tint of their window from clear to dark in order to regulate daylight, glare and heat entering in, while preserving the view. They enhance visual, thermal and acoustic comfort, for a greater wellness atmosphere.

With Nuance V2, Vision Systems continues to widen the gap with its competitors; the new solution provides unprecedented optical quality, with haze close to 3% and clarity as high as 99.8%.

The Nuance V2 project comprises UV, IR and hydrophobic barriers, integrated electronics developed in-house and a touch panel. Like the other solutions of the range, Nuance V2 is suitable for both new programs and retrofitting.



Other dimmable solutions will be exhibited at AIX 2017: for the cabin window, Nuance Bi-Zone, Nuance Ultra-Dark, and Noctis for blackout and privacy; and for the cockpit, Nuance Smart-Shell the add-on solution covering the entire side windows, and Nuance Energia the dimmable self-powered sun visor.


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