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With MyBlueShip, Crédit Agricole Payment Services experiments “POP & eat”, a connected restaurant solution

With MyBlueShip, Crédit Agricole Payment Services experiments "POP & eat",  a connected restaurant solution


MyBlueShip, Lyon start-up created in 2015, won the start-up challenge organized at the last Convention Payment Group (in Toulouse on 10 and 11th October) by developping a new digital universe based on the POP technology (micro electronic hardware).


Sticked on the tables of restaurant, this tiny device with no battery will allow final customers via their smartphone (without downloading any application) to browse a multilingual menu, to place their order at table, check reviews of other customers, to pay and post their own authentic reviews. 


By combining its team’s core-business and expertise with MyBlueShip’s agility and creativity, CAPS seeks to promote the emergence of innovative solutions.


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