Accueil News Minalogic appoints new governance team at Annual General Meeting
Minalogic appoints new governance team at Annual General Meeting
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Read on to meet the new members of the team and learn about their plans for the cluster


Minalogic’s new governance team, in place since the May 26 Annual General Meeting and subsequent Board meeting, is made up of 19 members elected by their peers to give direction to the cluster’s activities today and shape its strategy moving forward.en place depuis les élections lors de l’Assemblée Générale du 26 mai et du Conseil d’Administration : des adhérents élus par leurs pairs pour faire vivre le pôle d’aujourd’hui et construire celui de demain.

Minalogic’s new President, Antoine Perrin, who represents Schneider Electric, said that the company is committed to helping Minalogic maintain its momentum. Schneider Electric is a global corporation with extensive operations in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, home to its first global R&D center and ten manufacturing sites. Perrin, whose entire career has been in innovation, praised Minalogic’s international-caliber ecosystem. “I believe in the future of the Minalogic community and in everything we can achieve if we pool our efforts, know-how, and potential for innovation.”»

What will the new Board members’ missions be?

We will pursue three main missions: to develop the cluster’s strategy, oversee strategy implementation to ensure that our programs align with what was approved at the AGM, and represent our members across all three of our Colleges.

This requires constant communication and interaction with Minalogic’s operational staff to ensure that we are working together effectively. It is always a group effort, one that leverages our greatest strength: our diversity.”

What does the incoming team look like?

“We have a nice balance of our different kinds of members and a good mix of returning members, who know how the cluster operates, and new members who will bring something different. It is a well-rounded group of men and women, all with experience in innovation. They are all personally very invested in our ecosystem. We have owners of small and mid-sized businesses, representatives of larger companies and corporations, people from our university and research lab partners, and representatives of our main financer, the regional government. This is a volunteer position, so everyone is giving freely of their time to support the cluster.

My role is to ensure that everyone works together effectively. There are and always will be points that are up for debate, and that is healthy. I have faith in our ability to reach a consensus and our common desire to move forward together.”

What are your top priorities?

«The first thing we want to do is make our network even more powerful through more interaction between members of the community. Diversity is one of the pillars of Minalogic’s identity. Bringing together a wide range of skills and resources is a highly effective way of driving innovation. Specifically, we will promote and accelerate partnerships between earlier-stage research and later-stage R&D and between different types of members. The goals are to share the available resources and capabilities and to transfer technologies and know-how. Each Minalogic member company and organization must be able to find value within and deliver value through the cluster. This is how we fulfill our mission of innovating to support growth.

Our second priority will be to support transformation. The first transformation is the transfer of financing for the clusters from the national to the regional governments. So, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council will be our main public-sector partner going forward. Another transformation is the acceleration of innovation and the emergence of new digital technologies in AI, edge computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and other areas and on key markets like healthcare, energy, and mobility. Which leads us to sustainable digital technology for a more sustainable and secure world.

Our third priority will be access to Europe and international development for our members. This objective is very high on our priority list. We have even created a VP position (with Philippe Magarschack of STMicroelectronics) specific to this pillar of our strategy. We will continue building the EDIH*, developing international cooperation, including with academic research partners, and creating new solutions to support business development with less travel and more online tools. As a digital technology cluster, this is right up our alley!

In the fall, we will develop the roadmap that will take us through 2022.”


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