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Forword Philippe MAGARSHACK about DAC 2016 Minalogic Showcase

Forword Philippe MAGARSHACK about DAC 2016 Minalogic Showcase




President – Minalogic





Minalogic is a global innovation cluster for digital technologies serving France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with an office in Grenoble.


The cluster supports its members by facilitating networking, fostering collaborative R&D in Micro- and Nano- Technologies, Photonics and Software, and providing companies with personalized assistance throughout all phases of business growth.


CEA-LETI, Cadence, HP, Mentor Graphics Schneider Electric, Silvaco, SOITEC, Silvaco, STMicroelectronics, and Synopsys-Atrenta are among the worldwide leaders and innovators who have significant R&D activities located in Grenoble, benefitting from its unique collaborative culture, mixing research, academia, start-ups and large groups.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that among its 300 member companies, Minalogic and its Grenoble-based ecosystem has nurtured more than 20 EDA start-ups over the past 10 years.

These EDA start-ups cover the entire SOC and System-design spectrum, from system specifications to RTL design, physical design and mask processing, targeting all electronic products: digital, analog, RF, mixed signal, at board- and chip-level. Of course, the EDA market is global, and therefore, most of these EDA start-ups have offices in the USA and in Asia.

Over the years, established EDA vendors have grown their R&D teams in Grenoble and throughout France, as well, both organically and through acquisitions.


Nestled near the gorgeous mountains of the French Alps, these companies and other members from other tech hubs in France, operate within a world-class R&D ecosystem, benefiting from a pool of engineering and PhD talents among the most recognized in the world, the proximity of SoC and sytem product design activities, silicon R&D (CEA-LETI , SOITEC, ST) and silicon manufacturing (ST). At LETI for instance, joint R&D labs with EDA companies enable immediate access to state-of-the-art silicon and SOC data, drastically reducing the feedback loop between EDA tools and their application on actual silicon. FD-SOI and RF-SOI are among the key silicon technologies born in Grenoble in recent years.


At DAC 2016, Minalogic will showcase this best-kept secret: the EDA start-ups benefit from an unfair advantage in terms of innovation ecosystem in France


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