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SIdO 2016 : Startups Valley candidature !

SIdO 2016 : Startups Valley candidature !



Startups Valley SIdO
Startups: because you're worth it...


Creating, innovating, conceiving the world of tomorrow, taking risks, being sharp, being quick, not giving up… It is every startupper’s lot and we admire you for that ! You are the strength of tomorrow’s economy and we want to help you grow because innovation doesn’t wait.

On SIdO, the professional Showroom of the Internet of Things, a fertile ground for your startup, your participation is FREE !




Within the spirit of startups, we bet on supporting you.
50 french and european startups will be selected and invited to show their IoT products and solutions at SIdO on April 6th and 7th.


Apply on our website and strike us with an innovation that hits the bull's eyes.



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