Accueil News First round of MinaSmart selection process kicks off
First round of MinaSmart selection process kicks off
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Cluster Techtera joins network as preparation for the national round of the EDIH selection process continues


Stay up to the minute on the latest developments from MinaSmart, the European Digital Innovation Hub for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with a monthly update from MinaSmart Director Pierre-Damien Berger.


New partner: We would like to welcome Techtera, our newest core digital technology partner

As you know, the MinaSmart community is growing each week as new stakeholders from our ecosystem come on board. Techtera is the latest addition to this community.

A cluster positioned on France’s textile industry, Techtera coordinates a network of members that includes businesses, research labs, technical resource centers, and institutions of higher education with the goal of leveraging collaborative innovation to drive economic competitiveness. Techtera focuses on three key technologies: smart and high-performance materials, circular economy and efficient use of resources, and Factory 4.0 and new business models. This new partner will meet our members’ needs for digital technologies for support functions and, in particular, on the apparel and home furnishings market.

The MinaSmart consortium is now complete and will respond to the French Directorate General for Enterprise’s call for expressions of interest (file complete as of end-September) and prepare for the European Commission’s call for projects for the end of the year.


French cluster federation EDIH working group

French cluster federation AFPC continues to facilitate and organize meetings on the EDIH project proposals at the regional level and coordination at the national level through the EDIH working group.

In September, four meetings were held on the main topics of the French Directorate General for Enterprise’s call for expressions of interest:

  • Governance
  • Services
  • Business plan and financing
  • Cooperation between EDIHs at the European level

The meetings provided an opportunity to complete the expression of interest by the end-September deadline.

And the stakes are high: It is the expression of interest that will determine the outcome of the national selection process. Only projects selected at the national level will go on to the second round (at year’s end), which will determine which EDIHs will make up the European EDIH network to be established in 2021.

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