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DOLPHIN INTEGRATION announces the filing of a patent on the architecture of ultra low power-consumption soc in voice interaction devices

An innovation was becoming necessary for drastically extending the duration of battery charge of wearable devices, smart speakers, Bluetooth Head phones, Smartphones, and enabling a true-wireless solution for smart home devices.

The "voice-first" digital life is here and the growing popularity of voice-based interactions between humans and devices is testimony to this trend. Thanks to advanced language processing, machines are not only able to convert the human speech to text but also to understand meaningful information, such as keywords and commands.

In the year 2017, 25 million devices have been shipped, bringing the total number of voice-first devices to 33 millions in circulation according to VoiceLabs (Mediapost). Therefore 75% of US Households will have a Smart Speaker by 2020, about 138 million smart speakers (Gartner). This throws in a unique challenge of power consumption to battery-powered smart devices:
Touchless activation sensing is becoming a must for applications relying highly on the interactivity with the final user, but having to avoid wasting a lot of power for processing non-relevant data, such as ambient noise 95% of the time.

Dolphin Integration introduces a low power alternative: the WhisperTrigger™, a Voice Activity Detector (VAD) enabling a breakthrough in Low-Power consumption and larger battery autonomy...

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