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DOLPHIN INTEGRATION : GreenWaves Technologies selects Dolphin Integration’s low power virtual components for the industry’s first IoT processor

Grenoble, France March 13, 2017


Dolphin Integration, the leading Silicon IP provider for low-power SoC, announced today that it has been selected by GreenWaves Technologies to provide a consistent set of Silicon IPs for achieving the lowest power in sleep and active modes of GAP8, the industry’s first IoT processor. This set includes Dolphin Integration’s low-power memories with embedded power-switches, unique retention alternating voltage regulator (RAR), ultra-low-power oscillator with its RTC, innovative power gating solution (CLICK) with programmable control of in-rush current for the fastest mode transition time and configurable fabric (Maestro™) for the design of the embedded activity controller of an SoC.



Headquartered near Grenoble, France, GreenWaves Technologies designs GAP8, the industry’s first IoT processor. Based on the open-source PULP project developed at the University of Bologna and ETH Zurich, the GAP8 SoC is an ultra-low power smart IoT solution that can analyze and classify rich data produced by image, sound and motion sensors. It can function for several years on a single battery and supports software for a wide variety of IoT wireless communication standards. Its 1+8 extended RISC-V ISA cores, combined with a convolutional neural network engine, provide an easy to program, very high processing power at a unique energy efficiency.



Dolphin Integration’s Silicon IPs, already silicon proven in a representative low-power SoC test chip, allow us to deliver best in class power consumption figures in stand-by as well as very fast switching time between different operating Voltage / Frequency points. Furthermore, integrating those components into our SoC reduces significantly the overall system BOM while greatly simplifying the system design around GAP8.” said Loic Lietar, co-founder and CEO of GreenWaves Technologies. “FPGA demos of GAP8 are available to customers today, and GAP8 samples will be available in mid-2017.”


GreenWaves Technologies has designed a leading-edge SoC architecture at 55 nm which embeds the complete power and activity control networks.” said Gilles Depeyrot, CEO of Dolphin integration. “We are proud to enable such an innovative SoC design with our Foundation, Feature and SoC Fabric Silicon IPs.”






About GreenWaves Technologies

GreenWaves Technologies is a fabless semiconductor start-up that develops GAP8, the industry first IoT processor. Thanks to its extreme energy efficiency, GAP8 enables Smart IoT battery powered applications such as image classification, people and objects counting and many more. To learn more, visit


About Dolphin Integration

Dolphin Integration contributes to "enabling low-power Systems-on-Chip" for worldwide customers - up to the major actors of the semiconductor industry - with a unique offering of high-density Foundation, Feature and SoC Fabric Silicon IP components best at low-power consumption.

Over 30 years of experience in the integration of silicon IP components with complementary EDA solutions, providing ASIC/SoC design and fabrication, make DOLPHIN Integration a genuine one-stop shop addressing all customers' needs.

It is not just one more supplier of Technology, but the provider of the DOLPHIN Integration know-how! To learn more, visit



Contact Information:

Loic Lietar, GreenWaves Technologies,  
Aurélie Descombes, Dolphin Integration,



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